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WACEWestern Australian Certificate of Education
WACEWestern Association of Chamber Executives (Sacramento, CA)
WACEWestern Association of Colleges and Employers
WACEWorld Association for Cooperative Education, Inc.
WACEEl Wadi for Exporting Agricultural Products (stock symbol)
WACEWashington Association of Code Enforcement
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Charlie Mansour joined Marshall Wace earlier this month after just five months at Evercore ISI Institutional equities.
Wace deduces from Cave's description of the stars and the two moons, that this landscape and its creatures must belong to the planet Mars.
The style and diction of the prose presupposes a sense of urgency and truthfulness to the topic at hand, and thus a chronicle-type entry from Wace, while almost completely fictitious, has an air of authenticity to it because of its form.
Marshall Wace, a British-based hedge-fund manager, plans to raise as much as e1/41.
Little attention is paid to unprinted material, which is perhaps a pity, and there is the occasional mistake (the royal Elizabeth to whom Christopher Wase, not Wace, dedicated his translation of Sophocles, for example, was the ill-starred daughter of Charles rather than her equally unfortunate Bohemian aunt).
41) Recognizing that the warfare model typically obscures as much as it reveals is crucial for my project because Huxley's reflections on the Synoptic Problem are part of an episode that virtually begs for a militaristic interpretation--his 1889-90 clash over the meanings of agnosticism with Henry Wace, Principal of King's College.
Contact: Elles Straatman, WACE 2003 Conference Organisation, HBO-raad, Prinsessegracht 21, P.
The Hinckley plant, formerly called Wace Corporate Packaging, was taken over by Jarvis Porter in October.
Workers at the Wace plant in Maybole were told not to turn up on Monday.
Leading Financial Experts Discuss Outlook for Asia, Including: Shuhei Abe, CEO of SPARX Asset Management; Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO of Marshall Wace GaveKal Asia; and Dr.
unit and hedge fund Marshall Wace LLP are among the other buyers, the report noted
Heading further into history, Rupert Wace has advertised an Aegean marble carved some 7,000 years ago (450,000 [pounds sterling]; Fig.