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WACHSWestern Australian Child Health Survey
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I believe he is the independent candidate,'' said Richard Close, president of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association and chairman of Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment, who as an individual has endorsed Wachs for mayor.
Wachs, a candidate for mayor invited to the announcement because of his role in returning the program, said it is crucial for the program to work as promised.
Wachs said he had decided the step needed to be taken because of what he called Parks' failure to institute community-based policing and because of continuing morale problems within the department.
Wachs wrote to the City Attorney's Office asking for an opinion on whether the raises were legally granted.
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association said Wachs has worked with the group for more than 20 years and, in particular, credited him for his work to reduce the amount of taxpayer money going into the Staples Center.
Wachs said he wanted to bring in an outside auditor to review the Police Department.
We want to see Los Angeles become the first graffiti-free major city in the nation,'' said Wachs, who is running for mayor.
A pod-book is a kid's book with a matching podcast, and this is the first of its kind," author Greg Wachs explained.
The Volkswagen AG Board of Management and the Group Works Council expressed their sincere thanks to Wachs for his long-standing and exemplary service to the Group.
In his new role, Wassam is responsible for strategically expanding the Wachs Water Services footprint in the western and south western regions of the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas.
HCS had an older, metrics-based business intelligence solution, but Wachs points out the solution was not automated nor fully integrated with the carrier's systems and processes.
From its founding in 1883, E H Wachs Company graduated quickly from steamfitting to manufacture of the Wachs Vertical Steam Engine.