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WACKOSWings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society (kite club; Charlotte, NC)
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On the 'wacko assassination' scene, it's been observed that the demented urge to inflict harm on entertainers tends to 'infect' others and escalate when the initial warped perpetrator is able to achieve his longed-for '15 seconds of infamy.'
One thing seems relatively certain: Whatever content-related fuss American Psycho the movie incites will more than likely resemble that which greeted last year's "Catholic-bashing" Dogma, meaning that unless Harron wants to go the Kevin Smith route and help publicize the chanting of a few uninformed wackos, her movie is probably in the clear on that front.
Which means the first impression aliens are going to have of Earth is that we're a population of freaks and wackos. They'll assume everyone is packing heat, families are run by smart-ass little kids, drinking beer makes you beautiful, and all of humanity is obsessed with how everyone smells.
Let me confess, before anyone complains about the smell of bias rising from this review, that I am indeed one of Rush Limbaugh's "long-haired maggot-infested FM-type environmentalist wackos." I've been known to birdwatch before breakfast, eat camping food at home and wear a hemp baseball hat to protest chemical cotton.
When these sorts--not so different from the Waco guy--are lumped together with bombers, it blurs the distinction between wackos who initiate violence and wackos who are just peacefully wacky.