WACOGWestern Arizona Council of Governments
WACOGWeighted Average Cost of Gas
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It was disappointing that LNG was being imposed with unnecessary restrictions whereas IPI gas @ US$11 would be part of WACOG and so will TAPI gas @ US$ 13.
v) Import of LNG by IPPs be allowed and added to the WACOG.
Additional ECC approval be sought to allow IPPs to import LNG on spot cargo basis upto 50% of their requirements with price to be added in WACOG for the power sector as already approved by ECC.
Negative Gas Price Spreads: A failure to consistently manage purchased gas prices below ConEd's WACOG resulting in reduced financial flexibility in the Fitch rating case
ECP has consistently outperformed the Fitch base case forecasted DSCRs due to management's ability to maintain strong operational performance and manage the WACOG spread and O&M costs.
To make sure as many residents as possible can qualify for the grant, WACOG requested and received an increase to the program's income limit.
Of the $120 million available nationwide, WACOG was awarded about $2 million.
Negative Gas Price Spreads: A failure to manage purchased gas prices below ConEd's WACOG will result in incremental costs that will reduce cash flow available for debt service.
GasConnect PLUS: In addition to the features offered in PRIME, GasConnect PLUS incorporates system supply transactions, demand forecasting, capacity management, WACOG calculations, flexible reporting and comprehensive accounting.