WACRW-Band Arm Cloud Radar (meteorology)
WACRWestern Australian Cancer Registry
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Other key management highlights include: Management earnings up 48% on FY18 Global weighted average cap rate (WACR) tightening to 5.1% $13.6 billion5 available in undrawn debt and equity.
narrow the policy rate corridor from +/-100 bps to +/- 50 bps, with a view to ensuring finer alignment of the WACR with the repo rate;
In Model 2, we augment our base model by introducing our first proxy for IIIH, WACR, which is measured as the value-weighted average of institutional investors' churn rates as in Gaspar et al.
First, WACR loads positively and significantly (at the 1% level) for the four individual estimates of the firm's implied cost of equity.
Specifically, each year, we form portfolios based on deciles of WACR. We obtain 230 decile portfolios over the sample period (23 years x 10 deciles per year).
We then regress the implied risk premium on the yearly decile ranks of WACR and year dummies.
The untabulated results indicate that the estimated coefficient of WACR continues to load positively (at the 1% level), strengthening our previous findings of a negative impact of long-term institutional investors on firm's equity premium.
WACR Value weighted average of As above institutional investors' churn rates (based on Gaspar et al., 2005).
The weighted average call money rate (WACR) - the operating target of monetary policy - was aligned with the policy repo rate in June, but it traded below the policy repo rate on a daily average basis by 14 bps in July and 17 bps in August (up to August 6, 2019).
The RBI also announced to narrow the policy rate corridor from +/-100 basis points to +/- 50 basis points by reducing the MSF rate by 75 basis points and increasing the reverse repo rate by 25 basis points, with a view to ensuring finer alignment of the weighted average call rate (WACR) with the repo rate.