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WADAWorld Anti-Doping Agency
WADAWeighted Average Daily Attendance (school systems)
WADAWizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts (Harry Potter books)
WADAWestern Australia Department of Agriculture
WADAWorld Autoduel Association
WADAWashington Area Darts Association
WADAWisconsin Athletic Directors Association
WADAWhat a Dumb Ass
WADAWomen's Association for Development Alternatives
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Becky Scott, President of WADA Sportsmen Committee made a
We have completed the forensic investigation and can now confirm the authenticity of the database," WADA chief investigator GAaAaAeAe-nter Young told German broadcaster ARD.
This decision will provide the WADA with long-term stability for its headquarters, which will allow the Agency to continue to focus its efforts and resources on addressing key anti-doping issues in the interest of clean athletes worldwide.
WADA President Craig Reedie said the Board approved the recommendation by the Independent Compliance Review Committee that RUSADA remain non-compliant as two key requirements for reinstatement had still not been fulfilled.
The suspects include the alleged rapist Ishfaque and the Panchayat leader who gave the order - Haq Nawaz, along with the girl's brothers Umer Wada and Saeed Numberdar.
Apparently, the letter from WADA was sent two days ago, and Indian agencies were on sleep mode.
WADA came in for criticism from International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach on Sunday for failing to act more quickly on evidence of widespread doping in Russia provided by whistleblower Yuliya Stepanova.
If AIBA is declared non-compliant with the WADA code, boxing could be banned from the Olympics.
MOSCOW -- Athletes who tested positive for meldonium before March 1 could have bans overturned less than four months before the Rio de Janeiro Olympics after WADA said it was unable to establish how quickly the drug, outlawed since January 1, cleared the human body.
En una misiva ese dia enviada a la Comision Nacional de Cultura Fisica y Deporte (Conade), la WADA prohibio al CNA--la maxima instancia en el pais sobre antidopaje--realizar cualquier prueba o investigacion, gestionar los pasaportes biologicos y analizar solicitudes de Autorizacion de Uso Terapeutico (TUE, por sus siglas en ingles), por haber violado el Codigo Mundial Antidopaje 2015 y sus Estandares Internacionales.
Kenyan officials insist work on a national antidoping organisation is progressing - but more will have to be done to satisfy WADA.
The WADA independent commission report which said Russia was guilty of state-sponsored doping also added that it was not the only country "facing the problem of orchestrated doping in sport".