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WADCWright Air Development Center (USAF)
WADCWorthington Area Democratic Club (Worthington, OH)
WADCWestern Australian Darts Council, Inc.
WADCWestern Art Directors Club (est. 1961; Palo Alto, CA)
WADCWashington District of Columbia
WADCWorld Anti-Doping Code (sports)
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30) The International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) requested an advisory opinion and the CAS panel hearing the case determined that the rule was a penalty instead of an entry rule and that it violated the EAA's obligation to comply with the WADC.
Moreover, as a global strain measure, the WADC (6) which is a counterpart to WATS (5), was also proposed as follows:
In practise this means that sport organisations (in the case of rugby, the International Rugby Board and the South African Rugby Union) will be forced to adopt the WADC in their constitutions.
Within this swirl in both NACA and ARDC, WADC produced a reasonable response to Putts direction for a unified development plan.
Equation (2) shows that the demand elasticity with respect to WADC is -0.
This year the WADC awarded E and I Design an Award of Excellence in the category of Self-Promotion for its client focused "Bugs" campaign.
69) In the Court of Appeal: Shire of Manjimup v Cheetham [2010] WASCA 225 (29 November 2010); Town of Port Hedland v Hodder [No 2] (2012) 43 WAR 383; MR & RC Smith Pty Ltd v Wyatt [No 2] (2012) Aust Torts Reports J82-108; Southern Properties (WA) Pty Ltd v Executive Director of the Department of Conservation and Land Management (2012) 42 WAR 287; and in the District Court: Blaine v The Owners of Duesburys House Strata Plan 7239 [2010] WADC 81 (28 May 2010); Grimes v Grimes [2010] WADC 137 (17 September 2010); Hodge v Barham (2011) 74 SR (WA) 340; Drouet v Garbett (2011) 75 SR (WA) 231; Jones v Darkan Hotel [2013] WADC 70 (17 May 2013); Dunmall v O'Sullivan [No 6] [2014] WADC 61 (9 May 2014).
The WADC and the ISR Doping Regulations, considerably restrict the application of the principle of proportionality.
Press interviews and photo ops with the judges and the WADC entries can be arranged for Tuesday, January 6, 2004.
Insurance Service on behalf of the WADC of EAle-de-France.
177) See, eg, Jeffs v Perkins [2012] WADC 140 (21 September 2012)
In this declaration, the states supporting the WADC (World Anti-Doping Code) made a commitment to create an intergovernmental agreement to strengthen the WADC.