WADDLWashington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (Pullman, WA)
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Travel history was obtained from the dog's owner at the time of diagnosis and documented in the WADDL record (Figure, orange diamonds).
According to documented conversations among WADDL diagnosticians, the owner, and the referring veterinarian, this mare lived in Clarkston, Washington, and had traveled out of state to Prineville and Rufus, Oregon, and Missoula, Montana.
Travel history was reported by the owner and documented in WADDL records (Figure, green triangle).
Onge, South Dakota (evidence of pneumonia was not observed at necropsy at WADDL in this lone translocated breeding-age ram [>1.5 y]); and 3 adult females were euthanized based on symptoms consistent with pneumonia, including lethargic behavior, consistent and prolonged coughing, and drooping head and ears, and evidence of pneumonia was observed at necropsy examination at WADDL.
All Brown Trout presumptively positive by gross examination of internal tissue were sent to WADDL for diagnostics.
Two Mountain Whitefish samples from the 2009-2010 collection, positive for acid-fast bacteria by tissue smear, were examined by histology at WADDL. Histology confirmed one as positive for acid-fast bacteria.