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WADOWeb Access to DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Objects
WADOWest African Development Objective (Ghana)
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In her affidavit, Wado said her school entered into an agreement with Chelugui to drill a borehole in the school in Dagoretti constituency for Sh959,505.
Yohannes Dibaba Wado is senior research and evaluation advisor, Ipas Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.
At least one study, based on southwestern rural Ethiopia, shows that wealth index does not demonstrate any significant impact on immunization status (Wado et al., 2014).
Simon Koshi, secretary of All Indian Wado - KAI Karate Do Association's Oman branch said "KAI is the only National Federation for Karate in India.
Child singers included Wado and Gumbat from Umer Kot and Jehangir from Rohri, Zamin from Peshawar, Ashir and Subhan Niazi from Islamabad.
Rigo has been actively involved in the Hispanic community, specifically through his nutritional consultations, radio programs on Univision Radio WADO AM & AMOR FM...his approach has been for his audience to live healthier lives, change bad habits, and by doing so, to insure a win-win for all.
Kenpo karate and Wado Kai karate is taught in Newcastle by sixth degree back belt Mike Ilderton.
Dibaba Wado, Yohannes, Mesganaw Fantahun Afework, and Michelle J.
Goju-ryu is one of the four major styles composing the karate do branch, together with shotokan, wado ryu and shito ryu.
Wado Akamatsu, MD, PhD, (Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan) reported on the use of iPSCs from humans that were used to treat spinal cord injury in mice.