WADTWorkshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
WADTWomen Are Dreamers Too
WADTWest Australian Daylight Time
WADTWeb Accessibility Development Testing
WADTWepman Auditory Discrimination Test
WADTWe Are Different Together
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O metodo da chance matematica possui a vantagem de utilizar dados oriundos de talhoes comerciais, mesmo na ausencia de condicoes controladas, o que corrobora WADT (1998).
Using the known WADT for the moderate volume road and extending our 'rule of thumb' for high WADT, we suggest a threshold to carnivore movement was observed between 300 and 500 VPD.
Based on available WADT and in combination with the trends we observed in permeability, managers may identify the traffic level a road requires mitigation to restore permeability.