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WAECWestern Australian Electoral Commission (est. 1987)
WAECWest African Examinations Council
WAECWest Africa Examination Council
WAECWinnipeg Adult Education Centre (Canada)
WAECWar Agricultural Executive Committee (England, UK)
WAECWrong Arithmetic Expression in Branch Condition (software fault)
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This will in turn improve their performance in external examinations such as WAEC and NECO.
The cheering news is coming few weeks after Bayelsa also emerged as the fifth best state in the May/June 2017 WAEC examination.
The instruments used for the study were 2008 the NECO and WAEC multiple choice Biology test papers.
Picking by hand was a backbreaking task for which it was possible to recruit extra hands through the WAEC and could comprise German and Italian PoWs and land girls.
He vows to restore the educational system here to best, saying his government has already started to disburse WAEC fees by committing an initial amount of US$200,000 towards the process.
Nyante, they got motivated to put chalks down because Bridge allegedly submitted 224 names to the Education Ministry and out of that number, 20 persons allegedly had problems such as WAEC documents, C- certificate and high School diploma.
The people have spoken about WAEC and NECO fees and we have stopped them.