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If this is not resolved, the government should seek alternative means to ferry cargo from the ICD in Nairobi to other parts of the country and neighbouring states," said Mr Waema.
Waema said constitutional changes proposed in the Punguza Mizigo Bill were good and that they were waiting for the BBI report to make comparisons.
Correspondence should be addressed to Rachel Waema Mbogo;
Waema said one of the dormitory's two doors was always kept open; the other was padlocked.
Those missing are Treasury internal auditor Josephat Njoroge, three NYS employees Patrick Obunya, Ezekiel Ombaso Osoro and Stephen Macharia and the former deputy director in charge of MTB at NYS Peter Waema.IN HOSPITAL AND JAMMr Humphrey Mbogo, an accountant at NYS, was represented by his lawyer Kamau Mbiu, who said his client was receiving treatment in Thika.
The nine officers sent on leave are Andrew Makoti (Environment), Samuel Kombe (Water), Patience Tsimba (trade), Adan Mohamed (Public Service), Emmanuel Katana (Education), Chuba Mohamed (ICT), Joseph Waema and Kenneth Kazungu (Roads).
While strong evidence exists on the link between connectivity and improving livelihoods (Adera, Waema, May, Mascarenhas, & Diga, 2014), the findings of this study point to an impact on gainful employment and income-generating activities facilitated through ICTs will be greater for those able to harness their networks.
Through spiral processes, on the one hand WSR allows practitioners to skip some steps if they consider it necessary, and on the other it enables developers to bring the obtained knowledge and design outcomes into the next cycle (in terms of Waema and Walsham's, 1990, `organizational prototyping' and `half-baked systems', and Boehm's, 1981, `build it twice' (generally more than `twice'!) prototyping).
Bunge la Mwananchi national president Josephat Waema gave the government until 7pm yesterday to switch on the stations.
No single approach is dominant, strategic planning being an area of theory and practice to which many widely differing approaches may be seen as valid (see, for example, Quinn, 1980; Jackson, 1987a; Earl 1989; Waema and Walsham, 1990; Galliers, 1991).
There is robust literature on information and communication technologies (ICTs) and development (ICTDs), particularly on the role of ICTs in stimulating political participation, improving health care services, and enhancing opportunities for employment and education (Duncombe, 2007; UNDP, 2011; Waema & Adera, 2011).