WAEPSWashington Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
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Historically metathesis can be seen in the transformation of Anglo-Saxon waeps into English wasp, and Latin crocodilus into Spanish cocodrilo.
The West-Saxon forms of the words from which this place-names derive are these: AEcci, [AEgel.sup.*], aeppel, aern, aesc, aeoele, [Baecci.sup.*], baece, baecere, [Baecga.sup.*], [Baeddi.sup.*], caerse, daeg, [Daegel.sup.*], dael, [draeg.sup.*], faeder, faeger, faesten, glaed, glaes, gnaett, graefere, haec(c), haesel, hraefn, maegden, [Maeoelgar.sup.*], naegel, [plaesc.sup.*], praett, scraef, slaed, smael, staepe, taegl, [Taeppa.sup.*], [paeccan.sup.*], waegn, waeps, [waesse.sup.*] and waeter.