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This version maintained that paramilitary groups or criminal elements from a nearby village were angered by Barazi's recent decision to allow foodstuffs and other desperately-needed goods enter the besieged neighborhood of Waer. The blasts, according to this version, targeted Barazi's authority in the city.
In the Waer district on the outskirts of Homs -- the only area of Syria's third city still in rebel hands -- airstrikes Sunday killed seven people, including a child, the Observatory said.
He also was expected to meet with a delegation representing armed groups from Waer, the last rebel-held part of the city.
Outside the central city of Homs, airstrikes targeted the rebel-held enclave of Waer, which has seen on-and-off negotiations over a truce with the regime in recent months.
It said 11 members of a family in the neighborhood of Waer were killed, along with five children, three from the same family.
Syrian TV broadcast from inside Waer district, showing children and men gathering around government-sponsored trucks distributing bread and goods.
Under the Homs ceasefire deal, at least 700 insurgent fighters and members of their families left the last rebel-controlled area of the city, al Waer district.
Saturday's blast came few days after hundreds of rebels and their families left Waer, the last opposition-held neighborhood of Homs, as part of a local truce that will bolster government control of the city.
The blast happened a few days after a truce had been agreed with rebels in the Waer neighborhood.
The blasts come days after the government extended its control of western city with the implementation of a truce deal in Waer, the last insurgent-held area of Homs.
The country also considers Saudi Arabia an important business partner, with which it has growing relations, said Chinese Consul General An Waer during a meeting with Arab News Editor in Chief Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi and senior editors at the newspaper's offices.
Elsewhere in the war-torn country, regime warplanes hit the besieged district of Waer in the central city of Homs, killing at least 13 civilians, said the Observatory.