WAESWestminster Adult Education Service (UK)
WAESWisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools
WAESWorkshop on Alternative Energy Strategies (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
WAESWestern Alliance Emergency Services (Troy, PA)
WAESWyoming Agricultural Experiment Station (University of Wyoming)
WAESWorldwide Aeromedical Evacuation System
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References in classic literature ?
Upon the entrance of Richard (only known to him as the valorous Knight of the Fetterlock) he arose gravely, and gave him welcome by the ordinary salutation, Waes hael, raising at the same time a goblet to his head.
The WAES will be a platform to make matchmaking between such innovators and investors to utilise such clean, efficient and profitable solutions in the market, Piccard said.
Note the vernacular response of the Israelites to this: "fleah faege gast, folc waes genaeged." They read the Beasts according to Anglo-Saxon heroic convention--they collectively lose heart, give up their ghost, as it were (fleah foege gast), because folc waes genaeged (the folk was under attack).
With the rationale behind keystroke logging that "writing fluency and flow reveal traces of the underlying cognitive processes" (Leijten & Van Waes, 2013, p.
Eneas waes Veneres sunu; se oferswi[??]e Eneas was Venus' son [DEM.sub.MASC.SG] conquered Eneas Turnum (13) Eneas Turnum 'AEneas was Venus' son; he is/was the one that conquered Turnum' (Los 2012: 39, AEGram 98.22) In (16a) se is probably in an apposition--being followed by a determiner-less NP heora cyning.
Van Waes, "Role of the NF-[kappa]B transcriptome and proteome as biomarkers in human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas," Biomarkers in Medicine, vol.
Tales estudios analizan el capital social centrandose en la cantidad (v.gr., Leana y Pil, 2009; Moolenaar et al., 2011; Spillane y Kim, 2012) y en la calidad de las relaciones sociales ('vinculos') (v.gr., Van Waes et al., 2015) y / o en lo recursos que fluyen en las redes de profesores (Carolan, 2013).
Trembley JH, Chen Unger G, Slaton BT, Kren C, Waes V, Ahmed K.
Beattie says to Ross the poet, of his muse Scota, from which, by the by, I took the idea of Coila: ('Tis a poem of Beattie's in the Scottish dialect, which perhaps you have never seen.) Ye shak your head, but o' my fegs, (20) Ye've set auld Scota on her legs: Lang had she lien wi' buffe and flegs, Bombaz'd and dizzie, Her fiddle wanted strings and pegs Waes me, poor hizzie!
In Saxon times, the lord of the manor would make the toast "Waes hael", meaning "Be well", to which assembled guests would respond "Drinc hael" or "Drink and be healthy".
Wassail comes from the old English "waes hael" which means "good health".
These trains have names: the locally built "Le Belge," or the "Pays de Waes," which in 1844 could already reach 60 kilometers per hour (37 miles).