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WAFLWrite Anywhere File Layout
WAFLWomen's American Football League
WAFLWest Australian Football League
WAFLWestern Australian Football League
WAFLWiki Abstract Formatting Langauage
WAFLWorkshop on Altaic in Formal Linguistics (conference)
WAFLWest African Fraud Letter (internet scam)
WAFLWatford Aerobics Fitness & Leisure
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We are overwhelmed, by the response we got from our SDA outlet," said international business head, WAFL, Adzhai Sharma.
Another major barrier that chiropractors have faced in the WAFL is the perception that a chiropractor would 'disrupt' the existing medical team's procedures.
NetApp, the Network Appliance logo, Data ONTAP, FlexClone, NearStore, and WAFL are registered trademarks and Network Appliance is a trademark of Network Appliance Inc.
Invented in the early 1990s and patented in 2001, WAFL is a software kernel that stores and retrieves information anywhere, at any time.
Session: "Snapshot Copies in the WAFL(R) File System" -- WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) is a storage virtualization technology that is part of the NetApp Data ONTAP(R) operating system.
With over 20 years of technical and management experience in networking and data management services and solutions, Desirazu has also led NetApp s WAFL file system group and held a senior engineering role at ByteMobile.
NetApp, the NetApp logo, Data ONTAP, Spinnaker Networks, and WAFL are registered trademarks and Network Appliance and RAID-DP are trademarks of Network Appliance, Inc.