WAFOWave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography
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For example, in the episode 'La deception' from the series Balade dans la Cite (2006 onwards, directed by Aime Wafo Kamga), Julie reacts to her son's suicide by crossing her arms behind her head and screaming loudly.
Wafo Soh, "Invariant solutions of the unidirectional flow of an electrically charged power-law non-Newtonian fluid over a flat plate in presence of a transverse magnetic field," Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol.
The load analysis in this paper was realized through WAFO and EVIM [21, 22], and it can flexibly be used in various situations to select a block size.
Wafo Soh and Mahomed [12] used the results of Bianchi and Mubarakzjanov to classify realizations of three- and four-dimensional real Lie algebras in the space of three variables, and they also described systems of two second-order ODEs admitting real four-dimensional Lie algebras.