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WAFSWide-Area File Services (storage technology)
WAFSWomen's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron
WAFSWide Area File Services
WAFSWide Area File System (storage technology)
WAFSWomen Against Fantasy Sports (blog)
WAFSWrite-Ahead File System
WAFSWelding of Airframes by Friction Stir
WAFSWorld Aviation Forecast System
WAFSWorld Area Forecast Satellite Broadcast System
WAFSWomen's Auxiliary Flying Squadron
WAFSWilkes Acoustic/Folk Society Inc. (North Wilkesboro, NC)
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For the WAFS block 0 and 1 upgrades in Table 1, the NOAA/Aviation Weather Center (WAFC Washington) has been collaborating with the Met Office in the United Kingdom (WAFC London) and NCAR to expand the current domestic operational GTG algorithm to the global domain.
The partnership also entails giving STC customers access to F5's recently launched Advanced WAF (AWAF) service using a variety of consumption and licensing models.
Since Indigo Software integrated the DPI engine R&S PACE 2 into its WAF, the company reports that customer satisfaction has increased because customers saw improvements in application performance and availability, as well as a reduction in lag time.
Caption: Figure 7: Daily geopotential height (contours; m) and WAFs (vectors: >12 [m.sup.2] [s.sub.-2] only) of PWs 1 and 2 ((a1)-(a5)) and waves 1-4 ((b1)-(b5)) at 250 hPa in January 2014.
According to the Air Force Historical Support Division, on July 5, 1943, the WAFS and WFTD merged into a single unit for all women pilots who were rapidly extending their qualifications to every type of aircraft in service.
Going forward, NTT Com will launch a software security appliance for web application firewalls (WAFs) after the 2015 first quarter and additional functions after the 2015 second quarter.
ABSTRACT A series of acute and sublethal experiments were conducted to examine the potential effects of exposure to water-accommodated fractions (WAFs) of Macondo Canyon 252 crude oil and chemically enhanced (Corexit 9500A dispersant) water-accommodated fractions (CEWAFs) on embryogenesis, larval development, growth, and survival of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
The episode is scheduled to air on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 at noon EST on Talk 920AM WGKA Atlanta and on Sunday, August 24th, 2014 at 1pm EST on WAFS Biz 1190 AM.
India, July 28 -- Fortinet has announced enhancements to its existing FortiWeb-VM Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to include on-demand, pay-as-you-go offerings.
Business Rockstars Radio airs from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm PST Monday -- Friday on the Wall Street Business Network in San Francisco (KDOW), Dallas (KVCE), Houston (KTEK), Miami (WZAB), Atlanta (WAFS), Seattle (KKOL), Orlando (WBZW), Minneapolis (KYCR), Sacramento (KSAC) and Honolulu (KGU).
Burlesque themed-routines include 1940s WAFs, Arabian Nights, fan dancing and bubblegum blowing baseball players.
Squadron (WAFS), a squadron of experienced female civilian pilots