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WAFTWheelchair Aerobic Fitness Trainer (US VA)
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Petitioners Christine Hilton and Schumaker described what they considered a particularly insidious way in which Horan's alleged anti-pro-se bias manifested itself: implied threats from the bench that WAFT members could be criminally prosecuted for engaging in the unlicensed practice of law.
Ms Waft, who commutes from Clayton West to Shef-Shef eld every Tuesday to coach her team, also spends her Saturday mornings teaching younger players.
A couple of wafts, and a couple more mistimed shots, it looked like it was going to be another one of those frustrating days for Sachin Tendulkar.
" We don't go to cities," says WAFT's founder, Sudhir Kochhar.
"The maze is quite confusing even on approach, so we want people to follow their noses." Harry takes Waft that " Those who make it to the end of the maze will find a golden font which emits "the waft".
Owen Waft said, "We are delighted to have acted for Deloitte and Daniel Stewart on another successful IPO, bringing together our fund management and equity capital markets practices here in Dubai.
7 As a group, stop by each of the four corners and waft the smell of the corner's canister toward your nose.
Drama student Amy Waft, 18, from Chester, had been in the city centre with her boyfriend when the attack happened.
And the beautiful interior is like sitting in the lobby of your favourite hotel watching the world waft by.
The kitchen tent--from which a mouth--watering aroma of lentils, vegetables, chutney and soup waft out at mealtimes--makes this inhospitable, boulder--strewn campsite a home away from home.
Smoke bombs go off, orange and acrid green clouds waft toward the camera, and the sound track begins to fade.
Tom Keating started the Project Clean campaign from Decatur, Ga., six years ago, using about $25,000 of his money and state and federal grants to find grungy school bathrooms and make them clean and safe, according to a recent story in The Waft Street Journal