WAGBIcebreaker (USCGC)
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One individual was observed by BMW and MGH at Mision Unine on 8 January 2008, and three individuals were collected, two by LAAL and one by WAGB, at Quebrada Sipiria between 11-31 August 2009.
RST, 306 vicinity CEB, LAAL, GB, MC, OC, OB Shicotsa MGH, GFS, DCA, BMW, FHC, MAAJ, CVD, SFR, RST, 248 GB, OC Amaquiria JGT, SFR, LAAL, AQZ, AUT, WAGB, AZS, FWPR, WMM 295 (a) T = humid upland forest (terra firme), V = humid bottomland forest (varzea and igapo), S = stunted forest, C = clearings and successional areas, I = river islands, R = river and river edge, B = Guadua spp.
During his military career, he served on the USCGC BIBB and the WAGB Glacier.