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WAGESWork And Gain Economic Self-sufficiency
WAGESWomen's Action to Gain Economic Security
WAGESWayne Action Group for Economic Solvency (Goldsboro, NC)
WAGESWomen and Associations for Gain Both Economic and Social (Togo microfinance)
WAGESWater Air Gas Electric Steam (energy and power management systems)
WAGESWorking to Achieve Growth in Employment Skills (Seattle, Washington job readiness program)
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She passed the ordeal of examination successfully, and accepted the wages offered with out a murmur.
We are down on him for it, because, if he could bear his life without beer, we should save his beer-money--get him for lower wages.
Don Quixote, then, seeing that Sancho was turning him into ridicule, was so mortified and vexed that he lifted up his pike and smote him two such blows that if, instead of catching them on his shoulders, he had caught them on his head there would have been no wages to pay, unless indeed to his heirs.
The various interests and conditions of life within the ranks of the proletariat are more and more equalised, in proportion as machinery obliterates all distinctions of labour, and nearly everywhere reduces wages to the same low level.
Nor was the step which had determined his advance - a visit to a dive with a month's wages in his pocket - an act of such transcendent virtue, or even wisdom, as to seem to merit the favour of the gods.
However, I knew I should go and should not pay him his wages.
She husbanded her money, with the utmost frugality, and contrived to save even a few sous daily, out of her own wages, to add to her grandmother's stock.
Crimsworth has set me; I can earn my wages conscientiously, and those wages are sufficient to enable me to live.
The wages of fifty boys each year will come to three hundred pounds-- that is, fifteen hundred dollars.
Curly Parsons and another, Pat Monahan, accepted, and, with his customary speed, Daylight paid them their wages in advance and arranged the purchase of the supplies, though he emptied his sack in doing so.
In the steerage everybody was happy--Dag Daughtry because his wages were running on and a further supply of beer was certain; Kwaque because he was happy whenever his master was happy; and Ah Moy because he would soon have opportunity to desert away from the schooner and the two lepers with whom he was domiciled.
If we had not been all nearly on an equality in the matter of wages, these distinctions would have made bad blood among us.