WAGFWorld Assemblies of God Fellowship
WAGFWest Africa Growth Fund (est. 1997)
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It's worth noting that the WAGF is based in Kuwait and includes representatives of 13 countries -- Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, the UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.
The WAGF General Assembly will elect a new president, vice-president, general secretary and board members for the upcoming federation's term of office.
In such a state, "Allah is the ultimate goal, the Qur'an its constitution, jihad its means, death for the cause of Allah its sublimest aspiration."(10) Such a state is imperative because Allah had granted Palestine to His elected nation, the Muslims, as wagf (a holy endowment) until the end of all days.
Selon la decision ,le comite fondateur va elaborer ,des plans appropries pour attirer les Wagf a cote de determiner les besoins du conseil en personnel et determiner les recompenses appropriees.
THE LAST QUARTER of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth witnessed rapid changes in almost every aspect of Egyptian life.[1] These had an impact on the legal system: the jurisdiction of the shari[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]a courts was significantly reduced in favor of the newly established civil courts and was thereby limited to matters relating to personal status, succession, and wagf; statutory legislation pertaining to procedure and evidence, based on European models, was introduced to the shari[CHARACTERES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]a courts, as well as statutory codes of personal status, based on a selection of elements from all four Sunni schools of law.
Khartoum, 21Juin (SUNA) -Le ministere de l'orientation islamique et de Wagf a annonce que le nombre de pelerins soudanais pour cette annee sera 25600 pelerins, ajoutant que les mesures de pelerinage pour cette annee debutera le dimanche.