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WAGPWest African Gas Pipeline
WAGPWestern Australian General Practice Network
WAGPWe Are God's People
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The WAGP will run 1,033 km offshore and onshore from Nigeria's Niger Delta to its terminus in Ghana, with the length of the export line being 678-km.
Chief Executive Officer of the WAGP, Walter Perez, however linked the provision rise to the fact that Nigerian gas division has easily got some peace, with no pipeline destruction in the last some months.
A 57-km onshore part of the WAGP will run from Alagbado to Seme beach in Lagos State.
Over the past five years, Nexant -- the global petroleum, chemical, and energy consulting firm -- has provided a full range of advisory services and support on technical, economic, environmental and legal issues to the WAGP project, under sponsorship of the U.
Studies have shown that WAGP will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the four countries by providing reliable, low-cost fuel for industrial and commercial development.
With the feasibility study for the West African Gas Pipeline now underway and the governments of Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo cooperating to accelerate the WAGP, we are confident we will be supplying Nigerian gas into the region by the end of 2001 and then for decades to come.
The WAGP will traverse 620 miles both on and offshore from Nigeria's Niger Delta region to its final planned terminus in Ghana.
Successful implementation of WAGP will lead to a regional natural gas grid that can supply clean, lower cost, and plentiful energy to fuel regional economic development.
The latter is being upgraded from a 220MW simple cycle facility to a 330MW combined cycle plant to take advantage of the WAGP gas.