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WAGRWorld Amateur Golf Ranking (St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK)
WAGRWestern Australian Government Railways (Australia)
WAGRWindscale Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor
WAGRWilms' tumor/Aniridia/Genitourinary Anomalies - Mental Retardation Syndrome
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They will be battling it out for points towards both, the KAGC and WAGR points in addition to the Sigona Bowl which marks its 59th anniversary.
Sika, "WAGR syndrome: a clinical review of 54 cases," Pediatrics, vol.
WAGR Syndrome, Vision Impairment, Intellectual Disabilities
Trailing tournament favorite Rupert Zaragosa by 10 strokes with just nine holes remaining, it was Alido who eventually prevailed on the first hole of a sudden-death play-off in the 54-hole World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) event.
ISLAMABAD -- The President of Pakistan Gold Medal Golf Championship has been included in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) Tournaments and this year for the first time it will be played from October 26 here at the Islamabad Golf Club (IGC) as a WAGR competition.
Her condition has been caused by an even rarer condition called WAGR syndrome.
Moreover, sporadic cases may affect only the eye or be associated with various systemic disorders, as is the case of the association with Wilms tumour, resulting in the WAGR syndrome (Wilms tumour-Aniridia-Genital anomalies-Retardation), which is the most common and the most important aniridia associated syndrome [1-4].
(a) Gene class Gene Selected exons Signaling BRAF 11, 15 CBL 8, 9 ETV6 Complete FLT3 20 JAK2 12, 14 KIT 8, 17 KRAS 2, 3 SH2B3 2 MPL 10 NRAS 2, 3 Transcription CEBPA Complete NPM1 11 RUNX1 Complete TP53 Complete WT1 7, 9 Epigenetics ASXL1 12 DNMT3A Complete EZH2 Complete IDH1 4 IDH2 4 TET2 Complete KDM6A Complete RNA splicing SF3B1 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 SRSF2 1, 2 U2AF1 2, 6 ZRSR2 Complete (a) BRAF, v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B1 (synonym: BRAF1); ETV6, ets variant 6 (synonym: TEL); KIT, v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (synonyms: c-Kit, CD117, SCFR); SH2B3, SH2B adaptor protein 3 (synonyms: IDDM20, LNK); WT1, Wilms tumor 1 (synonyms: AWT1, WAGR, ).
The WAGR qualifying round is a walk-on tournament on all three days.
(2) En sik (%85) (3) gorulen otozomal dominant kalitim seklinin yani sira, dominant karakterli de novo genomik degisikliklerin (orn., WAGR sendromu) (4) bir parcasi olarak sporadik gorulebilir (%13) veya farkli sendromlarin (orn., Gillespie sendromu) (5) bir parcasi olarak otozomal resesif kalitim (%2) setgileyebilir.
Second, it explores the problems with the ASG, and examines the consequences for the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR), the Western Australian Locomotive Engine Drivers', Firemen's and Cleaners' Union (hereafter the WALEDF&CU or the Union) and the Western Australian State Labor Government.
Ella has a rare chromosome disorder called WAGR syndrome that affects one in 800,000.