WAHEWestfort Academy for Higher Education (India)
WAHEWausau Area Home Educators (Wisconsin)
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Murs is an old-fashioned showman, delight-hearted, family friendl entertainment, and there wahe was very, very good at it.
And it is an Ht wahE htt Awbhl t England side with a bowling attack that has formed the backbone of the world's best Test team, so anything is possible.
muichiabo, wachi (cubeo), wati (curripaco), kaingat, kaintokegn (kakua), tukira (embera), mekwaibak, taahiyie (mirana), watiboto (sikuani), bohsomuh[??] (siriano), wahee (tanimuca), ampiapune (tariano), tau ne (tikuna), bohsomuhi[acute accent] (tukano), bohsomui (tuyuca), mua puri (wanano), ked, t[??]kur (waunana), wahe (yukuna)
Furies the memorious, the rustic insomniac who can neither forget nor think--elsewhere considered (mockingly) the ideal reader of the most impossible of modernist novels, Finnegan's Wahe (2)--is introduced by Borges, with his usual understated wit, as a vernacular Argentine precursor to the Nietzschean Superman.
TAXILA -- Gurdwara Punja Sahib echoed with religious slogans of Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh on Sunday morning as pilgrims from across the world poured into the third most sacred place of Sikh religion in Hassanabdal to celebrate the 549th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.
Barca's struggles to break their own patch are a waHe said: "We did not unthem in the first game angave us such a tight matcunderestimate them.