WAHUWork At Home United
WAHUWisconsin Association of Health Underwriters (Madison, WI)
WAHUWriting And Historical Unit
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Wahu has a salon (Afro Siri), while Nameless does architecture.
I was so scared that day, I cried the whole night," Ms Wahu recalls.That was then.
The unit was previously home to healthy eating concept Wahu, where diners could build their own lunch using a base, protein and other extras.
Wallace has been involved with the Northwest Chapter of the WAHU in various board positions and committees and serves as the Northwest Chapter's 20142016 President.
Wahu Kaara indicates in her narrative that women are able to utilize capacities from the private arena for their work in the public.
Best Female went to Kenyan star Amani, making it two in a row for Kenyan female performers after Wahu's win in 2008.
The Senegalese-American multi-platinum artist and producer is set to headline at the 2009 MAMA Awards in Nairobi, Kenya on 10 October, performing alongside Fugees' alumnus Wyclef Jean and a host of Africa's most celebrated contemporary artists including Wahu, M.I., Samini and Lira.
manakai (achagua), poota (andoque), naldisch (awa pit), wahu (carijona), mana (baniva), mihino (barasana), manneka (cabiyari), manaka (cocama), diva (cofan), emimoe (cubeo), manake (curripaco), mih[??] (desano), hinkato (embera), baha, guypani (guayabero), kerant[??]gn (kakua), sna (kogui), tooy[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]ge (mirana), tuuguiy[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado] (muinane), yubudi (nukak), manakai (piapoco), nenea (piaroa), wihpino (piratapuyo), yod pi, yot, yot pigot (puinave), nenichi (saliba), manakai, manakaiboto (sikuani), inibue (siona), mihino (siriano), fiifia (tanimuca), waira (tikuna), tsozu[acute accent]sa (tinigua), mihpino (tukano), mihpino (tuyuca), needa (uitoto), mihpi (wanano), malakala (yukuna)
This is the view of Wahu Kaara, Executive Chair of the Kenyan Debt Relief Network (KENDREN), who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.
Wahu Kaara, a Nobel Peace prize nominee, roused the audience by holding "African governments to account" and said the U.S.
The prophetic voice heard in the Magnificat can be heard today when Kenyan Wahu Kaara speaks.
African representative for the Global Call to Action Against Poverty Wahu Kaara said her message to G-8 leaders was for them to ''listen to the millions of your own citizens who are asking you to eradicate poverty.''