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Nur Waie Hidayah, 21, a cadet pilot with Malaysia Airlines since December 2017, was inspired by her father who is also a pilot.
(3) Thomas Kendall for the making of Dressings and other necessaries for the Children of her ma'es maske as appeareth by his bill of the particulers therof entituled the Bill for the Torchebearers signed by the said Thomas Kendall amounting to the some of xliij[li] xiij[s] x[d] & heere allowed and paid [as folioweth] viz to the said Thomas Kendall by waie of imprest by warrant from the Lo Sidney & william ffowler esquire [two of her ma[tes] Counsell] dated the xxxth of Decembre 1603 x[li] and to James Kyrton gent as parcell of ccxliij[li] xvj[s] ij[d] by him rec by vertue [of] a warrante signed by her ma[tic] bearinge date the xxth daie of Ianuarie 1603 xxxiij[li] xiij[s] iiij[d].
The year 2009 saw a sudden decline in cocaine transiting West Africa, following the international attention that was focused on the region after the aforementioned assassinations of President Vieira and General Na Waie in GuineaBissau.
(29) The full text of the Union of Utrecht is included in the Generall Historie, with the article on religious toleration on page 698: "euerie one remaining free in his Religion, and not anie waie to bee troubled or called in question." Support for religious toleration is found in another place in the book (marked by a seventeenth-century style pointing hand drawn in the margin on page 596 in my copy), where Emperor Maximilian II is praised for his broadminded wisdom.
The vote was triggered by the killing of Joao Bernardo Vieira, Guinea-Bissau's long-time president, by soldiers on March 2, in an apparent revenge attack following the assassination of army chief General Batista Tagme Na Waie in a bomb attack.
Though the waie of our Colonyes is a worke, as yet, of but a meane and slender regard; yet, as it maye be set forward and followed, it may prove a worke indeede of greate importance and availe, and may produce so gratefull efforts (with industry and some length of time) as those; (in his Majesties home Dominions,) wee nowe both see with joy, and injoy with comfort.
Batista Tagme Na Waie, chief of Guinea-Bissau's military, and severely wounding five other senior officers.
The capital, Bissau, was calm but tense despite the pre-dawn gunfight at the palace, which erupted hours after armed forces chief of staff General Batiste Tagme na Waie - a rival of the president - was killed by the bomb at his headquarters.
A military spokesman claimed Mr Vieira was behind the assassination of his political enemy Tagme Na Waie late on Sunday night.
"President Vieira was killed by the army as he tried to flee his house which was being attacked by a group of soldiers close to the head of the chiefs of staff Tagme Na Waie, early this morning," the military spokesman, Zamora Induta, told AFP.
However, the 1598 order was not a reaffirmation but an attempt to close down what the order calls "a third company who of late (as wee are informed) have by waie of intrusion used likewise to play" (250).