WAIERWestern Australian Institute for Educational Research
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They just wanted me to stand in front of the camera and be quiet," Waier says.
Regionally, the North and West are most expensive, while the Southeast is the least, said Phil Waier, principal engineer for R.S.
The factors that dictate labor costs include the level of unionization in the area and the availability of migrant workers, according to Waier. "In the South, there are very few unions As a result, the labor is cheaper," he said.
The original Meriam claim included the cluster of three adjacent home islands (Mer, Dauar and Waier) and their surrounding seas, seabeds, fringing reefs and islets.
Comparing Table 5 and Table 6, the variable flow GCHP system will save about 100 GJ (94.8 MBtu) electricity, which will pay back the initial cost of the Variable Frequency device (VFD) with 2-3 years based on RS Means Building Construction Cost Data 2011 (Waier, P.R.
Waier, P.R., Babbitt, C., Baker, T., Balboni, B., and Bastoni, R.A.
In recognising the exclusive right of the Meriam people to the three islands of Mer, Dauar and Waier, according to the law and custom of the Meriam or native title -- the High Court limited its decision to land above the high-water mark.
Even though Reverend Passi's evidence of letting other Meriam collect turtle eggs from his sandspit at Waier led Justice Moynihan to dismiss his foreshore-reef claim, when another witness disputed a sea boundary, in the context of a land dispute between Eddie Mabo and Mr Mawer Depoma, a witness called by Queensland, he revealed his own attitudes towards the assertion of foreshore family ownership.
Thanks to announcer Jamie Scherrer and Judge Bethany Waier. Thanks also to Holly Stokich and the 4-H Horse & Pony Committee, Larry and Valerie Allen, Kim Miller, Amanda Payne, Chris Evans and the Saline County Fair staff, and all who helped to make this show possible.