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WAIFWest Africa Investment Forum
WAIFWashington Aids International Foundation
WAIFWeb Application Interaction Format
WAIFWide Area Integration Facility
WAIFWhidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation (est. 1990; Coupeville, WA)
WAIFWomen's Adoption International Fund
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Option 2: The Waif didn't actually stab Arya, because the Waif is Arya.
While the far less gauche Bridget Fonda, as a prostitute whose daughter has been kidnapped by the crooked cop, replaces Natalie Portman - the waif from Leon - here.
There are several spots along the waif, including a hotel and eateries, that will be either, sold or leased to individual operators.
The term "Seventh Heaven", first used in a 1927 silent movie about a lonely Parisian sewer worker who found pleasure and love with a street waif, is used frequently to describe the ultimate in satisfaction.
There is something about this waif thin girl that intrigues him, and not just as a meal.
In the other vision, she was a poor little Irish waif, burdened with children, too poor to take care of Caroline.
And making her bow in it is Teesside actress Faye Marsay, who plays The Waif.
WAIF LOOK Model in floral knickers HER IN ZDRAWERS Kate's smalls MOSS HAVE Kate in racy red lingerie
The other purported details can readily be found among the pages of any romance novel: the brave waif enlisting in order to escape a loveless arranged marriage.
Newspaper ads for Broadway musicals tend to avoid dance images altogether in favor of the kind of brand promotion perfected by the producer Cameron Mackintosh, who gave us the big-eyed waif of Les Miserables and the totemic face mask of Phantom.
The Gidgetlike facade of Chicklet, the 16-year-old waif gamely played by Lauren Ambrose, is perpetually being displaced by a dominatrix alter ego.
Known as a "very pale" character in the books, The Waif is reportedly to be played by an actress with East Asian descent.