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WAIHWorldwide African Investment Holdings (energy company; South Africa)
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(Seneca h as no copula as such.) Occasionally a Seneca sp eaker m ay express agreement with something by saying nothing more than ne:', roughly 'that's right', although more often ne:' is supplemented with another particle, such as waih 'indeed' in ne:' waih 'indeed so', or no:h 'I guess' in ne:' no:h 'I guess so'.
For example, a small faction of the Long Way under Eng Bit Haw came from the Kayan Iut to the upper Kelai (now in Long Lesan) apart from others who migrated to the Belayan, as recited in the Ken'iah Wong Waih Wong.
The farce reaches its climax when all of the Jewish characters, regardless of how they otherwise speak, respond to an unexpected shock (the loss of a fortune) in a chorus of "ai waih." (51) Like Kanakcomedy, Our Crowd appeared at a politically auspicious moment--close on the heels of the Prussian Emancipation Edict of 1812--just in time to reassure Germans that Jews remained different despite legal emancipation.