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The particular word in Tetun for bringing offerings and paying respect is hanai (from halo = to make, nai = deity) meaning to praise the deities of the great sacred and the great heat (nai lulik waik, nai manas waik) present in the sacred house, in the sacred springs, sacred lands, and also in the graves of the ancestors.
Thirdly, the 'custodian of the tracks' (inuk nain) and the 'custodian of the path' (dalan nain), named Bei Leki Nai and Bei Nai Berek, are entreated by 'the deity of the great sacred, the deity of the great heat' (nai lulik waik, nai manas waik) through the previously mentioned first king of Fatumea, Bau Nahak (Bau Halek), (8) to plant two fast growing species of tree called ai donu and ai kala across the emerging lands, thereby stabilising the earth, providing fodder and enabling fire.
Wanted: Individuals with a wide backgroung of experience in all areas, highly educated, able to work effectively in a high stress environment, able to work 70-plus hours per week and be grateful for receiving a 40-hour salary with no additional benefits, possess a sense of humor, pleasant attitude, and either show visible proof of ability to perform miracles daily or demonstrate the ability to waik on water, know all things, and appear in all places without showing signs of physical stress or fatigue.
Gatland, who will return to Waik a to in New Zealand after the climax of Under-20 World Cup in Wales, plans to do some coaching back home in a bid to get a grip of the new Experimental Law Variations being introduced across the game at the start of the season.