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WAILWorkshop on American Indigenous Languages (University of California, Santa Barbara)
WAILWisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory
WAILWide-Angle Imaging Lidar (clouds; Atmospheric Radiation Measurement; US Department of Energy)
WAILWorked All Italian Lighthouses (amateur radio)
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Right you are," said De Montfort, "but I could have sworn 'twas a child's feeble wail had I not seen the two filthy rodents with mine own eyes.
As he ran toward the man, Bradley heard above him the same uncanny wail that had set every nerve on edge several nights before, and the dismal flapping of huge wings.
The shot struck the creature in the belly where there was no protecting armor, eliciting a new note which rose in a shrill whistle and ended in a wail.
Bradley fired at the vanishing menacer of their peace and safety; but whether he scored a hit or not, none could tell, though, following the shot, there was wafted back to them the same piercing wail that had on other occasions frozen their marrow.
The widow flung herself upon the dead body and clasped it in a tight embrace, as if her kisses and the tears with which she covered it could give it warmth again; during the pause, came the wail of the servants:
Naked and unarmed, as I was, my end would have been both speedy and horrible at the hands of these cruel creatures had I had time to put my resolve into execution, but at the moment of the shriek each member of the herd turned in the direction from which the sound seemed to come, and at the same instant every particular snake-like hair upon their heads rose stiffly perpendicular as if each had been a sentient organism looking or listening for the source or meaning of the wail.
Once together, we stood almost back to back against the great boulder, and thus the creatures were prevented from soaring above us to deliver their deadly blows, and as we were easily their match while they remained upon the ground, we were making great headway in dispatching what remained of them when our attention was again attracted by the shrill wail of the caller above our heads.
Customs consultant Atty Althea Acas wails after Deputy Speaker Sharon Garin chews her out for 'shouting' at consultation @inquirerdotnet pic.
As supporters of Esk Valley Theatre, Jump, Jive 'n' Wail from Halifax and making the trip over the Pennines to raise funds for the theatre.
Wail is a boisterous young chap who was drawn to freestyling by its versatility.
On Dance Hall at Louse Point you hear the blues and voodoo equally in Parish's guitars - wail, moan, and twang - and Polly Jean's vocals and lyrics; at least seven of the songs on the twelve-track album are pleas to a Jesus/God/Holy Ghost who's alternately absent and close.