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WAIMWeb-Age Information Management
WAIMWindham Area Interfaith Ministry (Connecticut)
WAIMWorld Association of Internet Marketing
WAIMWater-Assist Injection Molding
WAIMWide Angle Impedance Matching
WAIMWeb Accessibility in Mind
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Compared with GAIM or WAIM, thinner and more uniform wall thicknesses with smoother surfaces can be achieved [16].
Figure 2(a) shows the conventional ELC resonator unit which can be used for WAIM slabs.
The hollow parts produced by GAIM and WAIM are frequently tubes or plate-like parts with reinforcing rips; they feature a high degree of function integration.
Figure 1 shows the unit cell of the octagonal ring element antenna, which is composed of the radiator element, WAIM element, impedance transformer structure, and two ground planes.
The 20 GHz receive test-bed antenna with 19 active modules and beam steering controller, proved to be a cost-effective mechanism for verifying array design and scan performance out to 70 |degrees~ off broadside.|1~ A 91-element, 20 GHz receive array and a 91-element, 44 GHz transmit array subsequently have been fabricated, tested and accepted.|4~ Figure 8 is a photograph of both of these antennas with the WAIM removed for clarity.
Then, the iPP/SAN blend was molded into hollowed parts using the WAIM equipment developed in our laboratory, which mainly consists of a water injection unit and an 80-ton conventional injection molding machine with a highest injection rate of 84 [cm.sup.3] [s.sup.-1] [26].
4:00 Relation Between Water Penetration Behavior and Product Quality in Water- Assisted Injection Molding (WAIM) at Different Process Parameters
Jo, "Error-Based Collaboration Filtering Algorithm for Top-N Recommendation," In Proceedings of APWeb 2007 and WAIM 2007 (LNCS 4505), pp.
As we all know, the immiscible blends and polymer/ nanofiller are widely used in the water-assisted injection molding (WAIM) [11-14] and gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM) [15, 16].
The results showed that transcrystalline structures formed in the inner layers of the WAIM PP/SAN blend parts at the SAN contents of 4, 6, and 8 wt%, but were absent at an SAN content of 2 wt%.
To the best knowledge of the authors, little work has been done to investigate the crystalline structures of semicrystalline polymer parts molded by water-assisted injection molding (WAIM).