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WAIMWeb-Age Information Management
WAIMWindham Area Interfaith Ministry (Connecticut)
WAIMWorld Association of Internet Marketing
WAIMWater-Assist Injection Molding
WAIMWide Angle Impedance Matching
WAIMWeb Accessibility in Mind
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The WAIM PP/SAN blend part was cut into segments of 5mm length at three positions, namely the front, middle, and rear sections (as shown in Fig.
Figure 2 shows the computational domain of the high-pressure water penetration stage in the WAIM process used in this work.
Because GAIM and WAIM are used primarily to produce technical parts, comprehensive quality assurance and process control are essential.
Additionally, other characteristics of sound waves are important for the analysis of GAIM and WAIM.
Figure 1 shows the unit cell of the octagonal ring element antenna, which is composed of the radiator element, WAIM element, impedance transformer structure, and two ground planes.
The shape of the unit cell for the radiator and WAIM layer is shown in Figure 2.
4~ Figure 8 is a photograph of both of these antennas with the WAIM removed for clarity.
Consequently, in this work, the SAN was used to tailor the crystalline structure of WAIM PP part.
After being pelletized, the PP/ SAN blend was dried before the WAIM process.
So far, a few studies have been focused on the evolution of phase morphology or fiber orientation in WAIM parts (5-9).
However, for WAIM parts, banded spherulites of LLDPE still
The crystal morphologies of both WAIM and CIM parts were studied by preferential etching of the amorphous phase.