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WAISWechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
WAISWide Area Information Server
WAISWide Area Information Service
WAISWorld Association of International Studies
WAISWide Area Information Search
WAISWest Australian Institute of Sport
WAISWest Antarctic Ice Sheet Project
WAISWassenaar Arrangement Information System
WAISWarfighter Area Information Service
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Participants were tested using the WAIS three times: EV1 (evaluation-1, year 1981), EV2 (evaluation-2, year 1996), and EV3 (evaluation-3, year 2012).
In the univariate analysis occupational functioning measures are correlated with all the measures derived from the CPT, with the WAIS digit symbol-coding test, and with most of the measures derived from the TMT-A, the TMT-B, and the WCST (with some variation in results for the different dimensions of occupational functioning); but most of these associations become insignificant after adjustment for the PANSS clinical symptom scores in the multivariate analyses.
To fill the gaps, records of oxygen isotopes from newly collected ice cores extracted across the WAIS have been employed to reconstruct West Antarctic temperatures, indicating that the region has probably warmed by 2[degrees]C since 1950.
This study represents a replication of a similar study conducted with the WAIS and WAIS-R (Kaufman, 1990, Chapter 7).
The new search-and-retrieval engine, developed by Britannica in cooperation with WAIS Inc.
Archie servers can assist users in locating electronic texts, and WAIS servers can assist in locating and searching or browsing electronic texts.
Cardoni, O'Donnel, Ramaniah, Kuntz & Rosenshein (1981) examined the WAIS profiles of learning disabled young adults.
The WAIS project is headed by Brewster Kahle at Thinking Machines.
The WAIS Divide ice core contained information on a number of historical environmental conditions, including average ocean temperature, surface air temperature, wind patterns, and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.
As a standardization of the WAIS-IV incidental recall component was not provided by the test publisher, clinicians wishing to interpret these scores might rely, as a rough guide, on norms from the WAIS-III or the results of studies on a variety of clinical samples that completed the WAIS or WAIS-R.
The WAIS scales are viewed as the 'gold standard' of IQ tests to which assessments of premorbid function are compared (Lezak, 2004; Silverman, 2010).
Even without generating significant mass loss directly, surface melting on the WAIS could contribute to sea level indirectly, by weakening the West Antarctic ice shelves that restrain the region's natural ice flow into the ocean.