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WAIS-RWechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised
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Sex, race, residence, region, and education differences on the 11 WAIS-R subtests.
Results: All three patient groups compared to controls performed poorly on the working memory and verbal memory tasks (F=3.59, df=3, p=0.02 for WAIS-R Arithmetic and F=123.64, df=3, p<0.01 for WMS Logical Memory).
Sex, race, residence, region and education differences on the 11 WAIS-R subtests.
To increase the clinical yield of the WAIS-R Digit Symbol and WAIS-III DS-Coding subtests, it was suggested that progress be recorded at the end of each 30-second time interval as the subtest progresses (Kaplan, Fein, Morris, & Delis, 1991; Lichtenberger & Kaufman, 2009).
Houve perda significativa nas habilidades de atencao e memoria de trabalho, medidas pelo subteste Digitos da WAIS-R, mas nao nas habilidades relacionadas a fluencia verbal, que se mantiveram sem diferencas significativas entre as duas avaliacoes.
In this case, the results of neuropsychological tests (Table 3) were within the normal range on the WAIS-R, and were low score on the TMT and PASAT, compared with the control.
No differences were found for the WAIS-R digit symbol (11.4 vs.
Object assembly: in this performance subtest of the WAIS-R the subject was presented with cut-up cardboard figures of familiar objects to assemble.
The battery of testings for the WAIS-R I underwent for the neurological evaluation have been revised from theft original counterparts.
In terms of the demographics of the 33-member group, the mean age was 29.9 years (SD of 8.7), the mean time since trauma was 2.6 years (SD of 1.7), the mean WAIS-R IQ was 89.5 (SD of 13.9), and the mean Wechsler Memory Quotient was 89.9 (SD of 22.8).
One of the most widely used premorbid assessment tools based on current single word reading skills is the National Adult Reading Test (NART) (Nelson & Willison, 1991), which has been standardised against the Wechsler Adult intelligence Scale-Revised Edition (WAIS-R).