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WAITWhy Am I Talking?
WAITWestern Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University of Technology; Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
WAITWhy Am I Tempted?
WAITWildlife and Industry Together (est. 1998; Greenville, SC)
WAITWashington AIDS International Teens
WAITWinningham Aerobic Interval Training (exercise program)
WAITWolinsky Amnesia Information Test
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In mercy to Eustace I consented to wait. What I suffered under the forced necessity for remaining passive at that crisis in my life no words of mine can tell.
I set there and played with my di'monds and waited and waited for the boat to start, but she didn't.
We waited plumb till dawn for them to come back, and kept hoping they would, but they never did.
The groom, summoned by the bell, was ordered to saddle the third and last horse left in the stables; to take the telegram to Belford, and to wait there until the answer arrived.
They told him the story, and he also resolved to see what would pass between the genius and the merchant, so waited with the rest.
The genius, with his raised scimitar, waited till he had finished, bit was not in the least touched.
"Yes," I replied, "neither Pesca nor I waited for the end.
You have not waited as I told you, to hear me explain myself.
One of his fancies (the only one we need trouble ourselves to notice) is, that he had men enough about him when he was living at sea, and that now he is living on shore, he will be waited on by women-servants alone.
Geoffrey dismissed the cab; and sent the lad in, to wait for further orders.
She had promised to wait for him, and did so with a faithfulness that cost her dear, because Mac forgot his appointment when the lessons were done, and became absorbed in a chemical experiment, till a general combustion of gases drove him out of his laboratory.
Under the circumstances, if I had been left to decide for myself, I should certainly have waited until I had saved a little money before I ventured on the serious expense of taking a house and studio at the west end of London.