WAJWhat a Jerk
WAJWindham-Ashland-Jewett (school; Windham, NY)
WAJWater Authority of Jordan (Amman, Jordan)
WAJWhat A Joke
WAJWestern Automotive Journalists
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"WAJ respectfully submits that before proposing such statewide changes regarding how court proceedings are recorded and transcripts are made, input should have beenand still should besought from district attorneys, public defenders, and private practice attorneys who regularly appear in court rooms, elicit testimony and make arguments on their clients' behalf, and who have to either defend a verdict or court decision on appeal or advocate for reversal," wrote Ed Robinson, WAJ president.
The new project will enable WAJ to construct a wastewater pipeline from East Zarqa pumping station to As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant.
[5.] Peppelman M, van den Eijnde WAJ, Langewouters AMG, et al.
'A physician indicating regret for something that has gone wrong is one thing, but to admit to catastrophic carelessness and not be held responsible when you told the truth about what you did is another," WAJ President Christopher Stombaugh said in a statement.
The Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) expressed disappointment at its new law, saying the rule prevents patients from proving their medical malpractice claims and gives too much power to the medical community.
Through his knack of buying and selling land, Bhard- waj saw his 30- year- old business swell to include a township project ( Deep Ganga Township) and a mall ( DG Mall) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and a construction company called Delhi Apartments Private Limited, with its office at Mahipalpur in the Capital.
A[cedilla] Kenana, White Nile State: NISS agents arrested Yair El-Fait, Siddig Adam Ahmed, and El-Tayeb Waj (a Southerner).
Waj Khan, a first cousin of Noorani, said in the 15 years he s lived in Boonton, he has never experienced any ethnic bias.
Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), Jordan's official body responsible for providing water and sanitation services to the country, falls under the Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation.
Riz Ahmed is fantastic as their ringleader Omar, with plenty of broad comedy coming from Kayvan Novak's simple Waj and Nigel Lindsay''s oafish and self-important Barry.
He spearheads a terrorist cell in the heart of multi-cultural northern Britain with best friend Waj (Novak) and paranoid, white Islamic convert Barry (Lindsay).
Omar (Riz Ahmed) is the brainy one in the group, while Waj (Kayvan Novak) is the idiot.