WAJAWest African Journalists Association
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Data comes from 22 key informant interviews (two District Medical Officers, two District Reproductive and Child Health Coordinators, 8 WAJA, 2 District WAJA Coordinators, and 4 nurses and 4 clinical officers) and 4 focus group discussions each with 6-8 providers.
Some in attendance called it a "renaissance," a welcome reversal from the past, when the West African Journalists Association, known as WAJA, was mainly a male club.
52 305m Stadium Bookmakers Sprint Trophy Heat 1 1 Wajas Trump (P C White, Notts) 2 Ballymac Little (R Devenish, Pbrgh) 3 Southern Henri (m) (C R Lister, Unatt) 4 Riverside Breda (m) (R Devenish, Pbrgh) 5 Tiermana Power (m) (C R Lister, Unatt) 6 Shakeitup Tricky (w) (R Holt, Donc) 21.
22 over 680m, but Chris Allsopp's Wajas Way can confirm last week's supremacy over his Sidaz Bandit in the non-SIS finale over 305m at 10.
40 (435m): Dampen The Dust, Fredas Daisy, Wajas Storm, Thunder Hazel, Doopys Ark (W).
Paul White's Wajas Trump completed a four-timer in the 305m sprint open.
42 (435m): Meabh Fancy, Slip Katie, Glass Ofguinness, Wajas Patch, Sunoak Lark (W), Freddiefasttrack (W).
00 220m Hayland 220 1 Suzies Boy (P A Cooke, Mldhl) 2 Wajas Trump (P Goodfellow, Unatt) 3 Warning Sign (D B Whitton, Hnlow) 4 Blackrose Tara (m) (E J Cantillon, Mldhl) 5 Pams Deema (w) (A M Kirby, Mldhl) 6 Mineola Keane (w) (G G Howes, Unatt) 20.