WAJAWest African Journalists Association
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"I am Waja, chief of the Waji," he explained, "and you are Mohammed Dubn, the Arab sheik, who would murder my people and steal my ivory," and he dexterously trussed Mr.
They are both co-education schools but the Waja Raheem Bakhsh Sarbazi Girls Secondary School, like its name suggests, is a girls school.
Of these villages, 101 were included within the Connect trial, and 50 were randomized to receive the WAJA intervention, with the remaining 51 villages serving as controls with a total of 370 000 people under observation in the trial, half exposed to the WAJA intervention.
However, in 2013, the gang violence in Lyari resulted in the downfall of the PPP as the party lost dozen of workers, including former member National Assembly (MNA) Waja Karimdad, former Lyari Naib Town Nazim Malik Muhammad Khan and many other party veterans to the violence.
He engendered such love and affection that he was variously addressed (possibly depending on the generation) as 'Mama', 'Lala' and 'Waja'.
Therefore, a Yoruba would say, concerning the death of a king, Oba waja "the king enters or climbs the roof' and not Oba ku "the king dies/died".
21.56 (450m): Lisneal Emily, Waja's Storm, Onlyonerichiemac, In Force (M), Fairy Mary (M), Lahana Star (M).
According to the reports received from various parts of the tribal region, the most affected areas were Karikot, Landi Doog, Waja Ghundai, Sherna, Sekach, Tala Bani, Laman, Dubkot, Tanai, Warsak, Wacha Khwar and Greendana.
13.33 (450m): Waja's Storm, Gibralter Annie, Husky Smokey, Pity Me Magic (M), Viking Harris (M), Ryecroft Johnina (W).
spuska:ti [titfi waja tlawkah] s--puska:ti [titfi waja tlawa-kah [O.sub.PO]] 3POSS-woman HREL hawk make- __ INDEF.SUB '...
The family planning services performed by the Connect CHW, known as WAJA (Wawezeshaji wa Afya ya Jamii--Community Health Agents) include distribution of condoms, re-filling oral contraceptives to users and providing education and referrals at households.