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WAKWindows Administration Kit
WAKWearable Artificial Kidney
WAKWireless Access Kit
WAKWall-Associated Kinase
WAKWings of Alaska (est. 1982; airline)
WAKWandelclub Al Kontent (Dutch walking club)
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Now Morn her rosie steps in th' Eastern Clime Advancing, sow'd the Earth with Orient Pearle, When ADAM wak't, so customd, for his sleep Was Aerie light, from pure digestion bred, And temperat vapors bland, which th' only sound Of leaves and fuming rills, AURORA's fan, Lightly dispers'd, and the shrill Matin Song Of Birds on every bough; so much the more His wonder was to find unwak'nd EVE With Tresses discompos'd, and glowing Cheek, As through unquiet rest: he on his side Leaning half-rais'd, with looks of cordial Love Hung over her enamour'd, and beheld Beautie, which whether waking or asleep, Shot forth peculiar Graces; then with voice Milde, as when ZEPHYRUS on FLORA breathes, Her hand soft touching, whisperd thus.
Such whispering wak'd her, but with startl'd eye On ADAM, whom imbracing, thus she spake.
Oft in her absence mimic Fansie wakes To imitate her; but misjoyning shapes, Wilde work produces oft, and most in dreams, Ill matching words and deeds long past or late.
now is the pleasant time, The cool, the silent, save where silence yields To the night-warbling Bird, that now awake Tunes sweetest his love-labor'd song; now reignes Full Orb'd the Moon, and with more pleasing light Shadowie sets off the face of things; in vain, If none regard; Heav'n wakes with all his eyes, Whom to behold but thee, Natures desire, In whose sight all things joy, with ravishment Attracted by thy beauty still to gaze.
A religious leader, who is also a WAK member, emphasised the commendable role of religious leaders as an asset in peacemaking.
Similar to standard dialysis circuits, the WAK has both blood and dialysate circuits.
The Wak alarm system connects to your Android or iOS device, where an app can be used to manage its settings.
YOUR correspondent who signed his name as WAK commented on the ATV spy story 'Nice to have you Back',' saying that this tale would take a lot of beating and that plays like this will help to bring a new peak to TV standards.
Patil's controversial statement assumes significance in the wak of President Pranab Mukherjee saying on Monday that the central government will have a zero tolerance policy for violence against women.
In the wak of the recent nuclear accidents, such Fukushima, the Commission proposed, in June 2013, to amend the 2009 nuclear safety directive, introducing new procedures, including new safety objectives, peer reviews of nuclear installations, more transparency, strengthened independence of NRAs and better emergency response.