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WAKEWord Auto Key Encryption
WAKEWhatcom Association of Kayak Enthusiasts (Bellingham, WA)
WAKEWord Auto Key Encryption (cipher)
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Harris gave out no sound, but I felt that if I experimented any further with the pictures I should be sure to wake him.
As soon as the countess wakes we'll be off, God willing
I feared to wake her all at once, so, in order to have my hands free to help her, I fastened the shawl at her throat with a big safety pin.
Last night I found her leaning out when I woke up, and when I tried to wake her I could not.
Swales would have told me that it was because I didn't want to wake up Geordie.
Lucy always wakes prettily, and even at such a time, when her body must have been chilled with cold, and her mind somewhat appalled at waking unclad in a churchyard at night, she did not lose her grace.
Angel hands have strewn the ground deep with snow, that the lightest footstep may be lighter yet; and the very birds are dead, that they may not wake her.
I will go and wake Porthos, and remain in his company till you have finished the conference.
Up for grabs at the King of Wake 2012 are four major cable divisions: Pro Mens, Pro Womens, Pro Wakeskate, and Obstacles Only, with more than $20,000 worth of prize money is at stake.
The Wake 'n' Bacon starts to cook a rasher 10 minutes before the time you need to rise from your slumber.
Washington puts Pitt in its place, Louisville leaves Georgia Tech gasping, Gonzaga turns it on against Texas Tech, and Wake Forest crushes Creighton.
In 1998, her research team made the first detailed report of any underwater wake tracking.