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WALCWomen Against Lung Cancer
WALCWilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative
WALCWiltshire Association of Local Councils (UK)
WALCWorkbook of Activities for Language and Cognition
WALCWestern Area Lower Colorado (Western Area Power Administration)
WALCWarwickshire Association of Local Councils (UK)
WALCWisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants
WALCWestminster Accommodation and Leaving Care (UK)
WALCWest African Languages Congress
WALCWest Alabama Learning Coalition
WALCWyoming Agricultural Leadership Council
WALCWhittier Area Literacy Council, Inc. (Whittier, CA)
WALCWichita Adult Literacy Council, Inc. (Wichita Falls, TX)
WALCWashington Analysis Corporation (stock symbol)
WALCWhiteman Area Leadership Council
WALCWadeye Aboriginal Languages Centre (Australia)
WALCWadsley and Loxley Commoners (UK)
WALCWoreda Advisory and Learning Committee
WALCWar Against Litter Committee
WALCWomen in Agriculture Leadership Conference
WALCWorcester Adult Learning Center (Worcester, MA)
WALCWinchester Alternative Learning Center (Virginia)
WALCWinnipeg Airport Lands Corporation
WALCWisconsin Academic Library Consortium
WALCWeldon Adult Learning Center
WALCWalnut Crystal (dye)
WALCWalk Around Lake Country
WALCWall Cap
WALCWellness Activities for Lifelong Choices
WALCWheel Axial Load Capacity
WALCWhitehorse Adult Learning Cluster
WALCWilderness Across Literacy Collaborative
WALCWalking for Action Locally on Climate Change
WALCWomen and Law Committee
WALCWorldwide Aviation Logistics Conference
WALCWeirton Area Literacy Council (West Virginia)
WALCWillits Active Living Congress
WALCWinona Alternative Learning Center
WALCWater and Land Carers (Australia)
WALCWhite Alternative Learning Center
WALCWorkers Auto Loan Club
WALCWoodmen Accident and Life Company
WALCWilderness Adventure Leadership and Christ
WALCWest Armenian Language Center
WALCWellness Active Living Clubs (Canada)
WALCWest African Land Committee
WALCWhat A Load of Crap
WALCWafegine AutoLISP Collection
WALCWood Acme Logging Company
WALCWomen's Adventurous Life Club (Olympia, WA)
WALCWomen Actively Loving Christ
WALCWisconsin AmeriCorps Leadership Council
WALCWashington Accelerated Learning Center
WALCWelsh Association of Ladies Choirs
WALCWalkable and Livable Communities Institute (Port Townsend, WA)
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WALC is now supported by Batchelor Institute and the Victoria Daly Shire Council.
The Zoom H2 with a Sony external microphone is now used by workers associated with WALC (Figures 1 and 2).
A particular advantage of this unit is the manual audio control; this setting is preferred and used by WALC workers because it obviates problems caused by automatic raising of audio recording level when there is a pause in the conversation.
Master and subsequent files (48 kHz 24 bits) are stored at WALC located within the Kanamkek-Yile Ngala Museum, and copies of the masters are provided to the Wadeye Knowledge Centre for public access.
At WALC we have been successfully using this equipment for all field recording projects since May 2008.
In 1995 WALC began as an after-school "Unity Club" aimed at easing the ethnic rivalries at Balboa.
By 2000, when WALC became an official two-year program at Balboa, the three teachers had developed a curriculum that complemented and integrated their camping activities with lessons in American history, literature, and environmental sciences.
In WALC, they study themselves and people who are like them.
In addition to class assignments, WALC students are put in charge of paper recycling at Balboa.
WALC teachers are also trip drivers, and their iPods play recorded songs in the vans.
In the WALC family, Gonzalez is the strict and grumpy dad, Theriault the no-nonsense mother, and Benedicto the sort-of-cool but responsible older brother.
Fernando has been in WALC since his junior year but this is only his second camping trip (those who miss trips must do extra writing and reading assignments).