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WALDWorking Assets Long Distance (company)
WALDWorkforce and Leadership Development (University of Kansas School of Medicine; Wichita, KS)
WALDWrong Algorithm - Small Modifications Needed (software fault)
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Wald, chair of the department of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
To get through the ballet's technical challenges, Wald says, "I try to maintain a connection with my partner and keep up my sense of humor.
Regarding Panel 2 (for 2007-2012), and still according to the values of the Granger coefficients and the Wald test results reported in Table 1(1-B), there is clear and statistically strong evidence that public debt (in t-1 and jointly in t-1 and t-2) contributes positively to the real GDP growth rate.
Wald wisely includes as much of Haizlip's life story into this book as she can fit.
When I recognized the opportunity for my firm to join forces with Halstead, I knew that it was a natural progression and that it would create an amazing synergy," explained Wald.
As Wald says, "one person's insult was another's comic masterpiece" (15), and the invective could be interpreted as threat or friendship.
Wald has more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry and joins Transamerica from Curian Capital Llc, the investment management subsidiary of Jackson National Life, where he has been working as a client portfolio manager.
During the Progressive Era, Wald expressed outrage at the Tammany Hall political machine, calling it "a sickening testimonial in the deep-rooted corruption of men that it almost destroys faith in the possibility of their doing better.
Wald, who serves as chair of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her associates (Pediatrics 2013 June 24 [doi: 10.
Wald said in the letter he expects the federal government to formally approve the tentative settlement, which still requires final approval from government officials and the court.
But Wald has a knack for making these "pro-Communists" engaged in an honorable struggle, as they grapple with the social pressures and moral challenges of the era of totalitarianism.