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WALEWeighted Average Lease to Expiry (investment metric)
WALEWashington Association of Library Employees
WALEWall-Adapting Local Eddy (viscosity model)
WALEWide Area Link Emulator (Linux)
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In writing by post to Magwitch - in New South Wales - or in communicating with him through Provis, have the goodness to mention that the particulars and vouchers of our long account shall be sent to you, together with the balance; for there is still a balance remaining.
This is certainly the case; moreover, on the present coast of New South Wales, the numerous, fine, widely-branching harbours, which are generally connected with the sea by a narrow mouth worn through the sandstone coast-cliffs, varying from one mile in width to a quarter of a mile, present a likeness, though on a miniature scale, to the great valleys of the interior.
On the road to Sydney I spent a very pleasant evening with Captain King at Dunheved; and thus ended my little excursion in the colony of New South Wales.
This would be in addition to the deals currently being negotiated for the Cardiff Capital Region, Swansea Bay and north Wales.
The game was used for the Wales Dragonhearts coaching staff to consider players for selection for the matches against Devon Country and a full Germany side, and a few players from the north will have put their hands up for selection after this game.
The month-long campaign is aimed at encouraging people from across Wales to take up free NHS screening.
The Lions wing has begun 27 matches for Northampton Saints and Wales, one more than fly-half Dan Biggar who, though he made 28 appearances for the Ospreys and his country, started 26 of those.
Gloucester-born Cuthbert scored the two tries which robbed England of their title dream and kept the trophy in Wales for another year.
Chairman of Optometry Wales, Mike George, said: "It's a great opportunity for colleagues in Wales to meet the PPV team.
As a result of the 2010 licence fee settlement, BBC Wales does have to deliver a saving of 16% - pounds 10.
Ireland had played 11 games before Wales came to Dublin in January, 1882 - but for the Welsh it was just a second game on the international circuit following an 82-0 thrashing by England a year previously.