WALGAWestern Australian Local Government Association
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WALGA (2006) rejected the efficacy of consolidation and argued that state/territory and industry-owned service provider models were more suitable to WA conditions.
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The implications of diminishing fiscal wellbeing in all Australian local government state and territory jurisdictions have been spelt out in detail in a number of state-based reports cataloguing substantial and growing local infrastructure maintenance and renewal backlogs (see, for example, FSRB 2005b; LGI 2006; WALGA 2006; LGAT 2007).
* PWC 'extrapolated' from the Access Economics and Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) (2005) approaches using the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the (FSRB, 2005), Allan Report (2006) and WALGA (2006) state inquiries and the MAV 'viability index'.
However, the ongoing debate has ignored a potentially crucial aspect of the move towards shared service models, which has been obliquely touched, but not examined in the WALGA Systemic Sustainability Study Inquiry (2006) with its Regional Model.
In South Australia, requisite expenditure was estimated to be in excess of $300 million (FSRB 2005), in Western Australia around $1.75 billion (WALGA 2006), and in Tasmania $29 million (LGAT 2007), whereas the nation-wide review undertaken by PWC (2006) estimated high, intermediate and low monetary values for Australian local government infrastructure restoration as a whole at about $15.3 billion, $14.5 billion and $12 billion respectively.
Section 6 considers the WALGA (2006) Systemic Sustainability Study.
Both the ongoing Queensland Local Government Association (LGAQ) (2006) Size, Shape and Sustainability (SSS) project and the current Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) (2006) Systemic Sustainability Study: In Your Hands--Shaping the Future of Local Government in Western Australia Inquiry are likely to reach analogous conclusions for their respective state systems.