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WALKATHONWalkers At Large Kinetically Altruistic Through Hygiene or Nowledge
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But more than treatment what is needed at this hour is proper understanding and awareness of the causes and treatment for the ailment, and our walkathon here is aimed at this.
Organised by Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, the walkathon took place in the morning hours of Sunday, February 18.
Doha Bank has a rich history of organising and supporting sporting events that spread the message of healthy living, most notably through hosting our hugely popular Al Dana Green Run, and our strong participation in the walkathon hosted by QCB is part of our broader community engagement program aimed at encouraging people to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle," said Dr R.
NBK's Walkathon is marked by a variety of fun, entertainment and health awareness activities.
The happiness walkathon was a way for the students to express their contentment, happiness and gratitude towards their parents, family, school and the government.
As part of the ISC golden jubilee celebrations, the walkathon was a tribute to the UAE Government's innovative efforts to spearhead happiness and tolerance in the society, the ISC said.
Interestingly, the walkathon will feature a new racing category for participants aged 60 years old and above to encourage a healthier lifestyle among all members of the society.
Proceeds from the walkathon will be used by the society to support needy victims of breast cancer.
The following walkathon is organized by the Southern Governorate and will take place on May 21 from Riffa Views walkway.
Registration for the walkathon - free of cost -- is currently open across all Centrepoint, Home Centre, Max and Emax stores in Oman.
Ava already wants to compete in next year's Walkathon and she is a true inspiration and we look forward to Ava coming to meet us here at the hospice.