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WALLWork and Lifelong Learning (research network; Canada)
WALLWar and Law League (San Francisco, CA)
WALLWeb Assisted Language Learning
WALLWitness Against Lawless Logging (Oregon forests advocacy group)
WALLWeekend Adult Lifetime Learning (Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center; Abingdon, VA)
WALLWrong Algorithm - Large Modifications Required (software fault)
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So to him the entrance of the cave was a wall--a wall of light.
This was what Neptune and Apollo were to do in after time; but as yet battle and turmoil were still raging round the wall till its timbers rang under the blows that rained upon them.
The entrance is flanked to the left by a round tower, with a sloping base, and there are several similar in the outer wall the entrance has piers of a gate, and on the east side the ditch and bank are double and very steep.
As though such a stone wall really were a consolation, and really did contain some word of conciliation, simply because it is as true as twice two makes four.
Once, at midnight, they were awakened by a shrill scream from beyond the great wall.
The city wall appeared to be about thirty feet in height, its plastered expanse unbroken except by occasional embrasures.
The Persian and Raoul could retreat no farther and flattened themselves against the wall, not knowing what was going to happen because of that incomprehensible head of fire, and especially now, because of the more intense, swarming, living, "numerous" sound, for the sound was certainly made up of hundreds of little sounds that moved in the darkness, under the fiery face.
Cautiously opening the gate the fellow peered carefully along the wall upon the outside in the direction from which he had come.
The foremost guardsman made a vicious lunge for my side with his hook after the three of them had backed me against the wall, but as I sidestepped and raised my arm his weapon but grazed my side, passing into a rack of javelins, where it became entangled.
Finding it useless to speak to her, he touched her (with a strange sensation of shrinking in him as he did it), and pointed to the partition wall.
Rest your brains and do not worry about the wall," replied the Woodman.
a match might afford her a world of comfort, if she only dared take a single one out of the bundle, draw it against the wall, and warm her fingers by it.