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WALRWet Adiabatic Lapse Rate (meteorology)
WALRWestern Australian Law Reports
WALRWeighted Average Lending Rate (economics)
WALRWrong Algorithm - Code Needed to Be Relocated (software fault)
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The coefficient of WALR shows a significant and negative relationship of WALR with KSE 100.
Keywords: inflation; stock market indexes; interest rate; KSE100; CPI; REER; WALR
Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) method was used in this study to study the impact of CPI and WALR on KSE100.
WALR is Weighted Average Lending Rate to measure the impact of interest rates.
The existing liquidity situation, changes and movements in WALR are also considerably influenced by the private sector demand for credit.
Small incremental credit demand in fiscal year-2011 partly reflects a lower increase in WALR.
Cases applying the legislation include: Austin v Wright (1926) 29 WALR 55; Hough v Taylor (1927) 29 WALR 97; Piromalli v Di Masi [1980] WAR 173, 176 (Burt CJ); Wayella Nominees [2003] WASC 210 (Unreported, Roberts-Smith J, 4 November 2003) [221].
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Stickland was prosecuted under reg 7 for possessing a single copy of No War on Soviet Russia: see Stickland v Nevin (1941) 43 WALR 18 for the report of the appeal against his conviction.