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WALTERWireless Alliance for Testing Experiment and Research
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Sir Walter Scott = British novelist and poet (1771-1832), often compared with Cooper--I have not located his definition of "vulgar"}
Sir Walter had already led off George, and the vicar came up on the other side of Sophie.
ELLIOT OF KELLYNCH HALL" Walter Elliot, born March 1, 1760, married, July 15, 1784, Elizabeth, daughter of James Stevenson, Esq.
Five chairs were set round the plain deal table, for who should Sir Walter bring with him but his young relative and secretary, Horne Fisher.
Sir Walter Cowdray allowed an impressive interval, during which the witness looked down, and for all his usual composure seemed to have more than his usual pallor.
Sir Philip Sidney, the Earl of Essex, Sir Walter Raleigh, are men of great figure and of few deeds.
Poor Walter is so cast down; I would try anything in my power to do him some good before I go away.
For which reason, one morning at eleven, taking Kwaque along, he called at Walter Merritt Emory's office and waited his turn in the crowded reception-room.
It is to these French writers, and chiefly to Walter Map, perhaps, that we owe something new which was now added to the Arthur story.
This is a harsh judgment to form of 'dear, noble-minded, generous-hearted Walter,' but I fear it is too just.
But young Walter Franklin was a modern agriculturist.
Let Walter Hartright, teacher of drawing, aged twenty-eight years, be heard first.