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WALTSWindsor Area Long Range Transportation Study (Canada)
WALTSWeapons Analysis Lethality Tool Set
WALTSWeapons and Launcher Test Set (US Navy)
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When Walt Irvine went down to inspect the intruder, he was snarled at for his pains, and Madge likewise was snarled at when she went down to present, as a peace-offering, a large pan of bread and milk.
Angel had come as pupil to this dairy in the idea that his temporary existence here was to be the merest episode in his life, soon passed through and early forgotten; he had come as to a place from which as from a screened alcove he could calmly view the absorbing world without, and, apostrophizing it with Walt Whitman--
Excerpt from Walt Mervin's "Certain Essays in History.
one of them, but not enough for both -- as Walt Whitman's poetry and