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In the meantime, GCC investors opted for profit booking by selling some shares, to reap quick gains, with their share market value standing at AED24.842 billion in August against AED 24.9 billion in July, AED 10.396 billion of which at ADX and AED14.44 billion at DFM WAM reported.
-- WAM News / English (@WAMNEWS_ENG) August 21, 2017
WAM's Arabic Twitter page said that it "has warned users of
He said the people of Tank, FR Tank and other villages like Jandola, Kari Wam, Gomal, Subati and Kach were peaceful.
The statement on WAM did not specify the suspects' nationalities.
WAM's product offering is suited to monitor the temperature and location of refrigerated containers for global shipping companies and international produce companies.
WAM also published a number of photos from the airstrikes.
"There are a lot of different ways that women are getting harassed and Twitter's current reporting system isn't catching all of them," said Jaclyn Friedman, executive director of Wam. "You might report one tweet, but that may not rise to the level of harassment," said Freidman.
The enhanced WAM software, currently available to Sysmex customers in the United States, helps laboratories to implement a higher level of functionality, efficiency and control over hematology workflow and results management.
It now has become the dominant, driving force in determining the future of WAM for generations to come, with big and lasting implications for this community.
Za'abiya welcomed WAM official to LNA, commending his visit as the first by an Arab top media personality since LNA was opened following the Libyan revolution in October 2011.
He told the ECHO: "I was first introduced to the WAM when my daughter Grace was born five years ago and found the place very welcoming.